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Carmina o revienta (2012)

Genre : Comedy, Drama
Director : Paco León
Cast : Carmina Barrios, María León, Paco Casaus, Ana María García, Raimundo Carrasco, Fran Torres, Miguel Alcíbar, José Mari Bizcocho, Mari Paz Sayago
Country : Spain
Language : Spanish
Company : Andy Joke
Filming Locations : Seville, Seville, Andalucía, Spain more...

Diamond Necklace (2012)

Genre : Thriller
Director : Lal Jose
Cast : Fahad Fazil, Gauthami Nair, Prashant Nair, Mithun Ramesh, Rohini, Sreenivasan, Samvrutha Sunil
Country : India
Language : Malayalam
Run Time : 80min

Valentine’s Night (2012)

Genre : Romance, Thriller
Director : Baadal, Kirshan Kumar
Cast : Shikhi Gupta, Sunny Hinduja, Prabhat Kumar, Rahul Madhav, Rahul Minz, Prabhat Raghunandan
Country : India
Language : Hindi
Run Time : 84min

Battlefield Death Tales (2012)

3 interlocking stories bask in the sinister years of World War 2. A soldier on a suicide mission. A upset compartment also a junky inside their bomb shelter. A delightful investigator on her some unsafe defy yet.
Genre : Horror, War
Director :
Cast : David Wayman, Paul Kelleher, Tina Barnes, Jess-Luisa Flynn, Lara Lemon, Sam Smith, Cy Henty
Country : UK
Language : English
Company : Amber Pictures
Filming Locations : Southampton, Hampshire, more...

The Gamer (2012)

A comedy almost about a socially cack-handed gamer plus a ego-maniacal boss. Q neglects physical reality, inside like better of virtual reality. He desires to play around sport plus to engagement let at his appropriate employment – Hes a notebook computer tourney developer that doesnt question authority. His supervisor is a commercial tool. Can Q manifest himself a important side member?
Genre : Comedy
Director : Matthew Nyquist
Cast : Don Danielson, Nikki Griffin, Leslie more...

Gozo (2012)

A duo labor under moved to a infinitesimal island, where they seem to labor under it all. When a tender tourist disappears, Joes disquieted psyche begins to overpower him. As the buried horrors of the couples earlier period resurface, goes off take off to put in an appearance inside their homespun paradise.
Genre : Thriller
Director : Miranda Bowen
Cast : Joseph Kennedy, Ophelia Lovibond, Daniel Lapaine, John Bowe, Nicky Henson, Lin Blakley
Country : UK
Language : more...

Satchurated: Live in Montreal (2012)

Satchurated was filmed go on The Wormhole Tour inside relief of Satrianis fresh album Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards at the Metropolis inside Montreal, Canada on December 12th of 2010. The flick will troth the primarily 3D theatrical recital flick exposes and 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound because the decisive cinematic experience.
Genre : Music
Director : Francois Lamoureux, Pierre Lamoureux
Cast : Jeff Campitelli, Galen Henson, Mike Keneally, Joe Satriani
Country : Canada

Jillian’s Travels (2012)

Jillians Travels is a one-hour TV really extraordinary along with installments take filmed inside startling native 3D that brings young people along with models on the trip of a lifetime. Viewers will seize a spark off into the spirit of Africa, along with be switched over into engrossed inside a startling globe where extreme animals seem thus accessible you could meet them…
Genre : Family
Director : Craig Tanner
Cast : Garrett Ryan, Taylar Hender
Country : USA

The Summoning (2012)

Genre : Horror
Director : Curtis Schultz
Cast : Shanna Mclaughlin, Amy LoCicero, Brian C. Chenworth, Jordan Wall, J. LaRose, John Kyle, Flavio Milicchio, Elaine Hoxie, Lainie Kates, Wesley Alley
Country : USA
Language : English
Company : Let It Rain Productions
Filming Locations : Orlando, Florida, USA more...

Awakened (2012)

Genre : Thriller
Director : Marvin Willson
Cast : Talia Jackson, Traci Dinwiddie, Jonny Wexler, Janelle Froehlich, Alex Feldman, Marie Del Marco
Country : USA
Language : English
Company : 10/14 Entertainment more...

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