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Las paredes hablan (2012)

Genre : Drama, History
Director : Antonio Zavala Kugler
Cast : María Aura as María, Kuno Becker as Javier, Mario Zaragoza as Gutiérrez, Miguel Rodarte, Joaquín Cosio, Gerardo Taracena, Silverio Palacios, Héctor Bonilla as Vértiz, Pedro Damián, Mayahuel del Monte as Felipa, Paulina Gaitan as Lupe, Richie Mestre, Geraldine Zinat as Esperanza
Country : Mexico
Language : Spanish
Company : Teté Films
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Misteri pasar kaget (2012)

Genre : Drama, Horror
Director : Director not found
Cast : Erly Ashy as Ibu Bethari (as Erly Ashyla), Permata Sari Harahap as Puteri Cemeti, Liek Suyatno as Mbah Rekso, Masroom Bara as Kyai Sambu, Baron Hermanto, Roy Marten, Polo, Ava Solo, Chandra Sundawa, Yatti Surachman
Country : Indonesia
Language : Indonesian
Company : Cakrawala Fastindo Film
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La montaña rusa (2012)

Genre : Action
Director : Emilio Martínez Lázaro
Cast : Verónica Sánchez as Ada, Alberto San Juan as Luis, Ernesto Alterio as Lorenzo, Maria Lapiedra, Luis Bermejo as Álex, Ayanta Barilli as Madre de Ada, David El Moreno, Javier Sanz as Saxofonista programa Luis, Paula Dalli, Jorge Clemente as Fede, Ara Malikian as Matías, Loreto Fajardo as Chica con piercings, Sara Martín as Carmen, Gabriel Chame as Abel Merino, Carlos Wu as Maitre chino, Julián more...

Aravaan (2012)

The movie compilation inside 18th century is the inclusive thing with features to a section of people at large who steals delight in the looking good to offer cuisine along with safe haven since their tribe. Kombodhi (Pasupathy) is the gang principal along with at various usher of one in every of his missions he meets the intrepid Varupuli (Aathi). He brings Varupuli to his village along with a get on well develops between the two. But Varupuli has a earlier period along with his existent cite is more...

Random Acts of Christmas (2012)

One family`s effort to capture their being alive back up in addition to the training they notice finished trouble-free acts of kindness.
Genre : Family
Director : J.W. Myers
Cast : Kevin Sizemore as David George, Claudia Esposito as Julie George, Terry Kiser as Henry Banks, Jill Whelan as Cindy Cruthers, Barrett Carnahan as Nick George, Emily Capehart as Natalie George, Siomha Kenney as Nina George, Michael Guy Allen as Senator John Cutter, David Gray as more...

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