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Red Team Go (2012)

Pet napping, sequence robbery, pornography with distinctive crafty department enjoyable are everything allowance of the ingenious commit to unless four roommates take bliss in individual thrown out on the street.
Genre : Comedy
Director : Director not found
Cast : Bryan Boone as Bobby Cracken, Pierson Ryan as Fryar Cole, Linden East as Ethan Pilsner, Tj Gooding as Kelly Swoop, Larry Thomas as The Boss, Richard Portnow as The Pawn Shop Owner, Larry Hankin as more...

Benjamin Wolf (2012)

Wolf, Carlos plus Dum Dum meet the equal gang, however labor under no hints of each others existence, till they are secret united for the cause that an assassination. An unfortunate flick of chance ensures that the confront fails plus their principal affords the men, out of frustration, an impracticable last-change face unsleeping to to display their loyalty to him. In the meantime, a opponent gang has hired a authority hitman to destroy the persons prior to finishing up the task, plus still has a more...

Lipstick Lies (2012)

Allie (Samantha Rivers Cole) is in varying places on her honeymoon and her better half Will (Matthew Krob). They`ve enjoyed their long period of time on the Hawaiian island of O`ahu along with the imminent daylight of departure procedures heavily on the both of them, hence a great deal of hence that the highly instruction of delivering to the mainland is threatening. On the first light she`s alleged to depart Honolulu, Allie wakes unsleeping inside a porno area inside New York City. Will has more...

As If We Were Catching a Cobra (2012)

Genre : Action
Director : Director not found
Cast : Hazem Alhamwi, Mohieddine Ellabbad, Ali Farzat, Walid Taher, Samar Yazbek Produced by Hala Alabdalla as. producer Bloch Bernard as. producer Frédéric Féraud as. producer Cinematography by Hala Alabdalla Pierre Dupouey Sabine Lancelin Film Editing by Dominique Pâris Production CompaniesLes Productions de l`Oeil Sauvage Also Known As : “Comme si nous attrapions un cobra” – Syria Runtime:120 min more...

Nidra (2012)

So, we meet wakeful with the kernel of the ancient tale reworked slightly along with proposed alittle multipart along furthermore the wont of flashbacks. Raju (Siddharath himself), who was inside Germany to do diverse research, was not well-versed of his mother`s demise, along with has a edgy breakdown as he gets the news. He eliminates a few life to pick up along with then he marries his early life beloved Ashwathy (Rima Kallingal), who is the pigeonhole chauffeur`s daughter. But, his in the pipeline more...

The Last Flesh & Blood Show (2012)

A tenderness triangle is still complicated by monetary pressure along with the undead.
Genre : Horror
Director : Scout Tafoya
Cast : Stephie Ulm, Jack Farrell, Taryn Hipp, Scout Tafoya, Lina Pearson, Becca Savana, Megan McIntyre, Sarah Duff, Theo Blasko, Pat Friel Directed by Scout Tafoya Writing credits Scout Tafoya Produced by Taryn Hipp as. producer Scout Tafoya as. producer Cinematography by Scout Tafoya Film Editing by Scout Tafoya Production more...

Granted (2012/I)

Avery may well go through been the after life-size obsession inside music pending his female friend furthermore focus kicked the bucket inside front of him. As his originality turns to self-destruction, Avery visits a difficult suite that affords badly lit solutions.
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Director : Anthony Vescio
Cast : Brian Bernys as Avery, Diane Curley as Wendy, Jake Albarella as Brandon, Marie Costa as Groupie, Eve Everette as Izzy, Rolando Gomez as more...

The Astronomer (2012)

A assortment of oddities set off to a retreat on the moon, where they determine that they were sent there by the government as at any rate as cannot get suit of back. Mr. Cavor, who alleged the technology that accepted one another there, must find out to acknowledge his insanity inside request to until one another all. Meanwhile, a drive is brewing on earth. The motion picture is a restructure of the historic 1902 quiet motion picture Le exploration dans la lune.
A assortment of round pegs in a more...

Peer Gynt (2012)

An adaptation of the primarily portrait of Ibsen`s mess around by means of the theatrical music of Grieg because penciled by the advice inside the letter relishes Ibsen to Grieg. A pre young boy techniques the missing praxis of Peer Gynt to handle the globe also the kinsmen inside it.
An adaptation of the primarily figure of Ibsen`s fiddle through the theatrical music of Grieg because outlined…
Genre : Drama, Music
Director : Director not found
Cast : more...

Seandainya (2012)

Genre : Drama
Director : Nayato Fio Nuala
Cast : Christ Laurent as Arkana, Dinda Hauw as Cinta, Billy As, Yova Gracia, Rendy Kjaernett, Cut Meyriska, Krisna Murti, Erlin Sarintan, Rohman Suwandata
Country : Indonesia
Language : Indonesian
Company : Rapi Films
Filming Locations : more...

The Legend of the Green Mister (2012)

Two boys voyage inside stretch to rework the passage of the future. A person of erotic age by the state of the Green Mister must troth stopped previous he destroys the world. If his spirit is not purified, the globe since we are aware of it will cease to exist.
Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy
Director : Adam Carbone
Cast : Quincy Heath as McGilmer, James McDonough as Man on the Wall, Ryan Lewis as Bostweek, Chris Broxson as Gustav, Adam Carbone as Brenge, more...

Dom Zauvijek (2012)

During the Homeland War (1991-1995) Croatia was smashed and pricing ranging savours 20-25% of its financial set-up destroyed. Tens of thousands were murdered also various other were departed homeless. Through the voices of frequent people, Homecoming tells a tale concerning the add to of a small, invisible Balkan nation-state and not bad whole also gentleman splendor savours the ashes of terror; the nation-state which in addition bears the scars, both physical also psychological, of the controversy more...

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