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I Will Follow You Into the Dark (2012)

Release Date : 11 October 2012
Genres : Drama, Horror, Romance, Thriller
Director : Mark Edwin Robinson
Cast : Mischa Barton, Ryan Eggold, Leah Pipes, John Rubinstein, Frank Ashmore, Zack Tiegen
Story : Story follows Sophia, who is severely depressed after the deaths of both her parents within six months. Convinced that the Afterlife is mere oblivion, and that this life is meaningless, she retreats within herself, only to be more...

It`s a Disaster (2012)

Release Date : 7 June 2012
Genres : Comedy, Drama
Director : Todd Berger
Country : USA
Language : English
Cast : Julia Stiles, America Ferrera, David Cross, Erinn Hayes, Rachel Boston, Jesse Draper, Todd Berger
Story : Eight friends meet for their monthly couples brunch. But what starts as an impromptu therapy session/airing of domestic grievances takes a sudden, catastrophic turn when the city falls more...

Stitches (2012/I)

A clown comes help take pleasurable in the numb to haunt those who brought his vitality in the course of a disastrous let one’s hair down mishap.
Genre : Comedy, Horror
Director : Conor McMahon
Cast : Tommy Knight as Tom, Ross Noble as Stitches, Gemma-Leah Devereux as Kate, Valerie Spelman as Mum, John McDonnell as The Motley, Lorna Dempsey as Mary, Eoghan McQuinn as Richie, Jemma Curran as Jenny, Callum Maloney as Young Bulger, Laila Stack as Young more...

Armed Hands (2012)

Lucas is 46. A outstanding cop, going arms trafficking inside Marseille. Maya is 25. A small narc inside Paris. As they repeatedly do, guns join up drugs. And Lucas will join up Maya. Not essentially by accident. Busts, heists, informants… their canvasses will turn into entangled. So will their lives. Because their yarn kicked off protracted previous their meet-up.
Lucas as at any rate as his lineup are behind a gang of Serbian criminals by the use of NATO-issued weapons. As the assessment more...

Special Forces (2012)

Aldo Sullivan is a retired defense force commander who already fought inside Vietnam. He misses the old-time pleasure of war. After uncovering a hi fi that may possibly develop defense force chatter, he assembles a defense force to commenced also wrangle evil. However, beyond achieving occupied multiple times, mugged, investigated by the keep see over also presented perceptual suggest like a life-size gorilla, he understands that the challenge is plenty supplementary demanding than he thought. One more...

The Sibling (2012/II)

Genre : Horror
Director : Matt Orlando
Cast : Mischa Barton as Jessie, Devon Sawa as Travis, Michael Clarke Duncan as Addison, J. Michael Trautmann as Eli (as Jonathan Michael Trautmann), Stuart Stone as Nick, Nick Jandl as Brandon, Matthew Willig as Vince, Alanna Janell as Tammy (as Alanna Romansky), Morgan Wolk as Dian, Brenden Meers as Alex, Annie Kitral as The Bruja, Antonio Costa as Ignacio, Patrick de Ledebur as Devon, Sean Derry as Carl, Jason McCune as Sheriff more...

Victor and the Secret of Crocodile Mansion (2012)

User Reviews:A pocket sized puzzle thriller for the rationale that a younger audience!See supplementary (1 total) Kristo Ferkic, Victor Laroche Joanna Ferkic, Cora Vijessna Ferkic, Louise Christoph Maria Herbst, Friedrich Debisch Gudrun Ritter, Frau Debisch Waldemar Kobus, Herr Strichninsky Elena Oechsner, Cäcilie Uwe Friedrichsen, Herr Opitz Susanne Berckhemer, Junge Frau Debisch Dieter Schaad, Onkel Gustav Peter Lerchbaumer, Älterer Polizist Christian Furrer, Jüngerer Polizist more...

Zombies Vs. Strippers (2012)

Genre : Horror
Director : Alex Nicolaou
Cast : Circus-Szalewski as Spider, Eve Mauro as Sugar Hills, Victoria Levine as Bambi, Adriana Sephora as Jasmine, J. Scott as Marvin, Don Baldaramos as Bobby, Tanner Horn as DJ Bern, Brittany Gael Vaughn as Vanilla, Adam Brooks as Spike, Patrick Lazzara as Richard, Brad Potts as Red Wings, Jonathan Erickson Eisley as Rudy, Paul Vinson as Goon, Chance A. Rearden as Hambo, William Thomas Jones as Pete the Wino, Ragon Sontor as more...

From the Rough (2012)

The educate of a women`s swim players parlays her sensation into a break to fashion her school`s men`s golf team.
Genre : Drama, Sport
Director : Pierre Bagley
Cast : Michael Clarke Duncan as Roger, Tom Felton as Edward, Taraji P. Henson as Catana Starks, Justin Chon as Ji-Kyung, Marcus Lyle Brown as Bob Russell, James Saito as Won-Sik, Henry Simmons as Kendrick Paulsen Jr., Michelle Torres as Woman at Ticket Counter, Robert Bailey Jr. as Craig, Tony more...

Kill `em All (2012)

Captured international assassins are locked wakeful indoor a high-tech bunker discerned since the Killing Chamber. To get away of this concrete hell they must duel each other, struggle terminal ninjas in addition to effort hostile gangs of masked maniacs. And… if they continue to exist this, they will need to face Snakehead: the lethal, deranged surpass puppy who will terminate at zilch to exterminate `em all!
Captured international assassins are locked unsleeping within a high-tech more...

Thaandavam (2012)

The movie opens also Kenny (Vikram), a Pianist inside a church also a blind man who is on a vendetta duty inside London, which has been ravaged by a procession of bomb blasts. During the night, Kenny becomes an hooked in killing device also move on a killing extravaganza murdering mainly pallid men. In a flashback course of action it is unearthed that Kenny is essentially a outshine RAW officer Sivakumar whose male compartment member was Sarath (Jagapathy Babu), his associate inside the cranium more...

People Out There (2012)

Genre : Crime, Drama
Director : Aik Karapetian
Cast : Ilya Scherbakov as Yan, Agnese Frisfelde, Andris Gross as Andris, Viktoria Kondratenko as Sabina, Mareks Marcinkevics as Shokolad, Mikhail Razumovsky as Albert, Semyon Serzin as Kreker
Country : Latvia
Language : Russian | Latvian
Company : Locomotive Productions
Filming Locations : Riga, Latvia more...

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