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Dorothy and the Witches of Oz (2012)

Children`s writer Dorothy Gale ranks a decent existing reaching her grandfather`s sequences of Oz books. When another cause enters the scene, Dorothy moves to New York city. In the midst of a foremost interest covenant because her books, Dorothy discovers that her books are not proportional to her imagination, except on repressed memories. While Dorothy attempts along furthermore the revelation, she is required to ordeal The Wicked Witch of the West, who has descended upon the Big Apple, resolute more...

The Do-Deca-Pentathlon (2012)

Two brothers compete inside their own deepest 25-event Olympics.
Genre : Comedy
Director : Director not found
Cast : Mark Kelly as Jeremy, Steve Zissis as Mark, Jennifer Lafleur as Stephanie, Julie Vorus as Alice, Brendan Robinson as Young Mark, Noël Wells as Stripper, Ricky Dillard as Laser Tag employee, Elton LeBlanc as Poker Player, Alex Lipschultz as Poker Player, John Melvin as Race Announcer, Brett Patron as Poker Player, Jordan Stidham as Young more...

Song for Marion (2012)

“Song for the purpose that Marion”, a London-set comedic drama, is almost about shy, grumpy pensioner Arthur who is reluctantly roused by his valued mate Marion to unite a entirely strange local choir. At probability as well as his male child James, it is vanished to charismatic choir director Elizabeth to attempt also influence Arthur that he may discover to grip life. Arthur must challenge the undercurrents of his own grumbling individuality for he embarks on a hilarious, more...

Love Never Dies (2012/II)

Having relocated to a vivacious entertaining resort inside Coney Island, The Phantom of the Paris Opera House traits a pseudonym to ask standard soprano Christine Daa #xE9; to perform. She along with her spouse Raoul meet conscious with no information no matter what lies inside store.
Having relocated to a vivacious enjoyable resort inside Coney Island, The Phantom of the Paris Opera House…
Genre : Drama, Music, Musical, Romance
Director : Director not found

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