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We the People (2012)

Genre : History
Director : Aimee Larrabee
Cast : Morgan Freeman as Narrator, Kurt Kelly as Abraham Lincoln, Kimberly Madison as Amy Taylor, John D. Bert as John Adams, Kenny Rogers as Narrator, Sam Edens as Alexander Hamilton
Country : USA
Language : English
Company : Inland Sea Productions
Filming Locations : Kansas City, Missouri, USA more...

Schutzengel (2012)

A uncomfortable prior soldier act to protect an orphan who testified to a murder relishes the assassins out to find her.
Genre : Thriller
Director : Til Schweiger
Cast : David Akinloye as Policeman, Volker Albers as TV Reporter, Numan Açar as TV Reporter, Gode Benedix as Hospital nurse, Moritz Bleibtreu as Rudi, Rainer Bock as Karl Falkner, Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen as Leo`s Wife, Vanessa Bühler as Saleswoman, Nina Eichinger as TV Reporter, Matthias Fornoff more...

L (2012)

A grown grown woman lives inside his car.He is 40 days mature also even if he realizes not labor under loads of unengaged time, whilst he has, he chooses to fritter away it along furthermore his family. He meets his mate also two youngsters at a given daytime also span inside motorcar parking lots. His business is to come across also ship the best darling to a 50-year mature man. A fresh driver shows unsleeping also the grown grown woman gets fired. Disappointed, he decides to withdraw his motorcar more...

Lizzie (2012)

NewsDesk:(4 articles)Lizzie Rises savours the Grave inside This First Poster in addition to Trailer (From 28 Days Later Analysis. 15 March 2012, 4:00 AM, PDT)Exclusive pics & comments: “The Anniversary At Shallow Creek” (From Fangoria. 20 October 2010, 9:49 AM, PDT)Grab Your Axes! New Lizzie Borden Flick on the Way! (From Dread Central. 29 March 2010, 1:08 PM, PDT)User Reviews:Watch it you won`t remorseful about itSee numerous (8 total) Amanda Baker, Lizzy Allen Leif Holt, more...

Parasitic (2012)

A assortment of friends turn out to be fixed in a nightclub along furthermore an omitted terror. Unable to escape, solitary at a span they surrender to the ravenous, bloodthirsty beast.
Genre : Horror, Sci-Fi
Director : Tim Martin
Cast : Julie Anne as Go Go Dancer, Camille Balsamo as Grace Gillis, Amanda Beck as Renee, Carrie Carnes as Tiffany, Miguel de la Rosa as Tim, Isle Gallagher as Amber, James Garcia as The Kid, Dan Gill as Chris, Bianca Holland as more...

Our Children (2012)

Like lots of peculiar couples, Mounir furthermore Murielle come apart love. Like lots of peculiar couples, Mounir furthermore Murielle labor under children. But variant them, they come sparkling with to submit their sovereignty by acquiescing to live also Mounir`s wealthy adoptive father, Doctor Andr #xE9; Pinget. On the material level, the finalize thing is well. But a residence is not a home, furthermore Murielle feels other furthermore other stifled…
Like several variegated couples, more...

Gang of Roses 2: Next Generation (2012)

User Reviews:Awful is an UnderstatementSee plenty (2 total) Cast Charli Baltimore, CassieGabriel Casseus, LeeLamont Clayton, ClydeClaudia Jordan, Mimi / LeadKyle Kalama, SamWiz Khalifa, TimmyJean-Claude La Marre, JacobKyrrin Marshall, Sheriff greenDouglas S. Matthews, Bandit 2Eurika Pratts, ColletteArdeshir Radpour, Gang MemberPaul Michael Ramirez, Frisky CowboyRocsi, Kate (as Rocsi Diaz)Amber Rose, Tara XKellita Smith, Madame LTeyana Taylor, Candi BaxterMichael Woxland, Mexican Sheriff Carlos more...

Exit Strategy (2012)

Evicted take fun in his apartment, James has to switch inside also his spouse of 3 months. He promptly discovers that she`s the inclusive thing he certainly not hunted inside a woman. His just possibility is to draw her to split also him — save for additionally accept him rest on the couch.
Evicted cherish his apartment, James has to converted inside in addition to his lover of 3 months. He promptly discovers…
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Director : Michael more...

White Dwarf (2012)

Genre : Drama
Director : Ryan Fox
Cast : Gregory Thomas as Gregory, Anil Raman as Anil, Ethan Russell as Ethan, Heather Ankeny as Heather, Brock Kelly as Brock, Ryan Rottman as Ryan, Carlos Miranda as Carlos, Tanner Beard as Tanner, Kirsty Mitchell as Kirsty, Julie Mond as Julie, Ben Savage as Ben, Amanda Sherman as The Casting Director, Logan McNeil as Logan, Ramsey Krull as Ramsey, Paul Khoury as Paul, Shira Scott Astrof as Shira, Francesca Ramirez as Francesca, Glenn more...

Jesus in Cowboy Boots (2012)

An imaginative youth girl, alive inside a mystical also unsafe group grounded on a deserted drive-in show bunch along the Texas/Oklahoma border, endeavors to fathom her potential, also flee the globe she was born into.
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Director : William Robert Carey
Cast : Billy Burke as Cowboy, Alicia Silverstone as Tammy, AJ Michalka as Vallie Sue, Chandler Massey as Angelo, Jeannetta Arnette as Jacqueline Windsor, Sierra Fisk as Principal, Michael more...

The Knot (2012)

Soulmates Alexandra (Talulah Riley) as anyways as Jeremy (Matthew McNulty) are realizing married. At slightest that`s the plan. Unfortunately as them, nonchalant greatest grown grown woman Peter (Noel Clarke), bridesmaid Sarah (Mena Suvari) as anyways as an army of naysayers haven`t heard they`re entailed to engagement together. Can absorbed bridesmaids, crashed cars, a spark off to A #x26;E, as anyways as a delivery of stinkers testicles platform inside the oddity of specific love?
A partners more...

I Do (2012/I)

A romantic drama as senses to a complicated warmth triangle. To stay inside the U.S., gay Brit Jack convinces his lesbian ally Ali to marry him. Things get your work force on messy whilst he falls as a earthy Spanish creator jiffy his vow to his brother`s widow complicates his resolution either to stay or to happen his lover.
A romantic drama regarding a complicated intimacy triangle. To stay inside the U.S., gay Brit Jack convinces his lesbian succor Ali to marry him…
Genre more...

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