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Love You You (2011)

Genre : Romance
Director : Jingle Ma
Cast : Angelababy as Xia-Mi, Eddie Peng as You Le-Le, Yuchen Zhu as Hao Chang, Yang Zhou as Sophia, Jie He as Guagua, Leung-Choi Yip as JK, Chun Wong as Chicken, Yi-Yi Jiang as Young Xia-Mi, Hong Hong as Xia-Mi`s Mother, Yee Swee Tam, Wai-Man Yeung as Groom, Chao Zhang as Bestman, Guo Zhongyou as Customer at Investment Centre
Country : Hong Kong
Language : Chinese
Company : DMG Entertainment

The Dead Inside (2011)

Wes along with Fi are empty. While their friendliness given that themselves burns strong, artistically their hearts pass through been locked inside a box given that years. Wes is a burned out photographer paying the costs by driving weddings. Fi is the writer`s-blocked person who wrote it of an episode of zombie novellas called, The Dead Survive. At only once they were at the outstrip of their fruitful game, however latterly their concentrate has jam-choked its` bags along with disappeared without more...

Escort in Love (2011)

Genre : Comedy
Director : Massimiliano Bruno
Cast : Paola Cortellesi as Alice, Raoul Bova as Giulio, Rocco Papaleo as Lionello Frustace, Anna Foglietta as Eva, Giovanni Bruno as Filippo, Hassani Shapi as Aziz, Valerio Aprea as Biagio, Pasquale Petrolo as Enzo (as Lillo), Lucia Ocone as Tiziana, Awa Ly as Abeba, Raul Bolanos as Marcelo, Caterina Guzzanti as Sofia, Massimiliano Delgado as Denis, Massimiliano Bruno as Francesco Graziani, Dario Cassini as Pietro, Michela more...

The Duel (2011/I)

With a spanking new start, attempting to run off an obnoxious past, Vance along with his mama pass through without problems moved to an additional city. Searching as a routine to treatment his brand moment reaching his training he joins forces also Jules, who is exploring as a vastly skilled, basketball duel partner. With their impressive flair these two surfacing cleaning the streets, coming first every duel inside town. Once statement spreads they`re invited to arrive the ultra-violent, more...

You Will Be My Son (2011)

Genre : Drama
Director : Gilles Legrand
Cast : Niels Arestrup as Paul de Marseul, Lorànt Deutsch as Martin de Marseul, Patrick Chesnais as François Amelot, Anne Marivin as Alice, Nicolas Bridet as Philippe Amelot, Valérie Mairesse as Madeleine Amelot, Jean-Marc Roulot as Docteur Vermont, Urbain Cancelier as Lacourt père, Xavier Robic as Lacourt fils, Nicolas Marié as Le notaire, Hélène de Saint-Père as La journaliste viticole, Shirley Bousquet as Jessica, more...

The Gerber Syndrome: il contagio (2011)

The Gerber`s Syndrome is an contagious viral ailment that was discerned inside Germany inside 2008 along with carry on everywhere the world. It is awfully contagious, promptly spreading, along with deadly. This ailment is incredibly tasking to spot, as it`s equivalent to a standard healing of the flu, as well as the end thing the the next signals that various of us are well known with; nonetheless later, the virus affects the head cells creating sober impair to the elementary edgy system. A TV crew is more...

Thomas & Friends: Day of the Diesels (2011)

Genre : Animation
Director : Greg Tiernan
Cast : Michael Angelis as Narrator (UK Version), David Bedella as Victor (US), Michael Brandon as Narrator / Diesel (US Version), Rupert Degas as Dart / Flynn (UK / US), Jules Dejongh as Emily / Mavis / Lady Hatt (US), Teresa Gallagher as Emily / Mavis / Lady Hatt (UK) Belle (UK / US), William Hope as Edward / Toby (US), Kerry Shale as Henry / Gordon / James / Kevin / The Fat Controller (US) Diesel (UK), Martin Sherman as Thomas / more...

En gång i Phuket (2011)

Sven, the standard Swedish guy, bored stiff in addition to his life, decides to go off to Thailand to note a title plus “get removed from the snake race”. He meets a group of varying praxis plus learns a duo of subjects almost love, friendship plus himself.
Genre : Comedy
Director : Staffan Lindberg
Cast : Peter Magnusson as Sven, Susanne Thorson as Anja, Jenny Skavlan as Gitte, David Hellenius as George, Grynet Molvig as Svens mamma, Alexandra more...

20 Year Old Virgins (2011)

A coming-of-age account with some ways to two dim-witted 20-year-old roommates, Gene #x26; Eugene, plus their hunt to lose their virginity. Their greenhorn purposes run into a measure of troubles as they must take care of their threatening neighbor Rock plus Gene`s condescending male relative Mike, who moves inside uninvited following calling it quits as well as his girlfriend. Will their staying power pay off or take one another encourage to the sketch board? A light-hearted, racy comedy picture more...

Guilty (2011)

Genre : Drama
Director : Vincent Garenq
Cast : Philippe Torreton as Alain Marécaux, Wladimir Yordanoff as Maître Hubert Delarue, Noémie Lvovsky as Edith Marécaux, Raphaël Ferret as Le juge Burgaud, Michelle Goddet as Thessy, la soeur d`Alain (as Michèle Goddet), Farida Ouchani as Myriam Badaoui, Olivier Claverie as Le procureur, Jean-Pierre Bagot as Le père d`Alain Marécaux, Sarah Lecarpentier as Aurélie Grenon, Kevin Tholliez as Thomas Marécaux, Loris Rouah as more...

Game (2011/I)

Four strangers (Neil Menon, OP Ramsay, Tisha Khanna with Vikram Kapoor) are invited by the reclusive Kabir Malhotra, to his deepest island of Samos, Greece. They don`t acquaint with themselves with they don`t acquaint with him, with by the subsequently crack of dawn they will hope they more established certainly not come.
Istanbul-based Casino Owner, Neil Menon, imply not quite 20 million dollars to pay off loans; aspiring Thai Prime Ministerial Candidate, O.P. Ramsay, imply change to more...

The Importance of Tying Your Own Shoes (2011)

Alex`s costly suggestion of himself isn`t bailed a person out by realism since he is unemployed plus stimulating dilemma along furthermore his girlfriend. When he eventually gets a post along furthermore the local council/municipality of Hudiksvall his continuation is near to change. Suddenly Alex finds himself the chief of a local theatre assortment of groups of people along furthermore studying difficulties. Through their job together, Alex comes to prize that we the finish thing labor under our own more...

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