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Rocks, Paper, Scissors (2014)

Genre : Action, Thriller
Director : Gregory Nalbandian
Cast : Heinz Abednego, Ryan Busby, Heisman Deleon, Ashley Horning, Kevin Lukata, Brandi Maclaren, Jared Morris, William Neilson, Kyle Reise, Richard Su
Country : USA
Language : English
Company : Kingdom Enterprise more...

Ivete Stellar e a Pedra da Luz (2014)

Special show inside festivity of Ivete Sangalo’s 20 each year career.
Genre : Documentary, Family, Music
Director : Renato Barreto
Cast : Ivete Sangalo
Country : Brazil
Language : Portuguese
Company : Cacomotion
Place of Story : Arena Fonte Nova – Salvador, Bahia, Brazil more...

Sequoia (2014/II)

Genre : Adventure, Drama
Director : Benedikt König
Cast : Thomas Goersch, Sandra Bertalanffy, Dieter Rupp, Jace Rashid, Mika Metz, Claudia Dalchow, Fitz van Thom, Najely Chumana, Joel Sansi, Daniel Reimling, Jack van Cuusen, Daniela Schwerdt
Place of Story : Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany more...

The Blind Owl: Boofe Koor (2014)

A perceptual photograph of a woman misery succeeding trailing a puzzling lover.
Director : Mazdak Taebi
Cast : Sasan Ghahreman, Mahshid Fadaie
Country : Canada
Language : English more...

The Triple Agent (2014)

Genre : Action

Director : Shyam Madiraju

Country : USA

A Jordanian doctor becomes Jordanian intelligence and CIA’s most prized spy on Al-Qaeda until they discover that he was an Al-Qaeda mole all along and committed one of the biggest breaches in CIA’s history.

Anamorphia (2014)

Genre : Drama
Director : Michael G. Petersen
Cast : Nik Haskin, Vikki Gasko, William C. Fox, Matthew Eric Johnson, Daren McNay, Sandra Rosko, George Pogacich, Louis Kerman, Natalia Pylypchuk
Country : USA
Language : English
Company : Dark Fortress more...

Some Mistakes Are Forever (2014)

Genre : Horror
Director : Larry Rosen
Cast : Milagros Pacheco, Andrew Hsu, Jasmina Jaden, Brittany Coleman, Larry Rosen
Country : USA
Language : English
Company : Rosenguez Productions more...

In the Last Hours (2014)

In the Last hours follows two mortals who are accepted in concert by providence on the final sunlight hours of the world.
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director : Christopher Michael Watts
Cast : Andrew Sensenig, Lauren Wood, Chirag Patel, Meghan Monhan, Dane Ethan Stanley, Bailey Donson, Rebecca Gardner, Dustin Jesudason
Country : USA
Language : English
Company : Neerdowells Studios
Place of Story : Houston, Texas, USA more...

Homostratus (2014)

This is a singular providence of a popular man, inside any bulky city’s risks in addition to chances, becoming a perplexing poem.
Genre : Drama
Director : Siu Pham
Cast : Thomas Luckmann, Thi Nhung Mello-Pham, Dung Hoa Nguyen
Country : Vietnam | Switzerland
Language : Vietnamese
Company : Sunny Independent Picture more...

The Last Line (2014)

A under pressure author operates on a surreal trip to reckon the breaking up of her story.
Genre : Adventure, Mystery
Director : Ross Andrew Wilson
Cast : Natalia Dawidowicz, Kay Rimmington, Abdul Shylon, Hannah Emily Smith
Country : UK
Language : English
Company : React Films more...

Sor (2014)

Genre : Comedy
Director : Fernando Simarro
Cast : Josele Román, Eloi Yebra, Manuel Gonzalo
Country : Spain
Language : Spanish
Company : Activa Films more...

Facebook Revolution (2014)

Genre : Adventure, Drama, Family
Director : J. Todd Harris
Country : USA

Place of Story : When a remote African village gets the Internet, a young teenage girl must use Facebook to save her country from a corrupt dictator, and her village from certain death.

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