Special Forces (2012)

Aldo Sullivan is a retired defense force commander who already fought inside Vietnam. He misses the old-time pleasure of war. After uncovering a hi fi that may possibly develop defense force chatter, he assembles a defense force to commenced also wrangle evil. However, beyond achieving occupied multiple times, mugged, investigated by the keep see over also presented perceptual suggest like a life-size gorilla, he understands that the challenge is plenty supplementary demanding than he thought. One supplementary thing, the entirety of the dispositions are played by teenagers. Special Forces is an experimental surreal ability thriller anticipation comedy like LettuceFiends Films.
Lost inside the new world, retired Vietnam scan Aldo Sullivan kindle to disagreement evil beside a variety of impractical associates.
Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Director : Cianan Allen Meyer
Cast : Cianan Allen Meyer as Aldo Sullivan / Purple, David Garrison as 50s Guy, Griffin McPherson as John, Connor Myers as Joe, Cayden Squires as Nick / Joe`s Dad
Country : USA
Language : English | Russian
Company : LettuceFiends Productions
Filming Locations : Saratoga Springs, New York, USA

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