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Killer in the Woods (2014)

Genre : Horror, Thriller
Director : Jerome Cloutier
Country : Canada
Language : English
Company : Heavy Nova Entertainment
Place of Story : Lennoxville, Québec, Canada more...

Battle of Evil: Part 2 (2014)

Two siblings attempt to dashing hopes evil with until their grandfather.
Genre : Drama, Horror
Director : Rydrea Walker
Country : USA
Language : American Sign Language
Company : Silent Production
Place of Story : Talladega, Alabama, USA more...

Diorama (2014)

Following the kicking of the bucket of a local girl, inhabitants of a small, bucolic town are stricken by a delightful force. Meanwhile, an introverted tender mature woman strives to connect in addition to the deadened girl's simply friend.
Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller
Director : No Director Available
Country : USA
Language : English
Company : Hollywood
Place of Story : Paris, Monte Carlo, USA more...

Sphere of Fear (2014)

A possessed football is killing people. Dylan Davis, in addition to the do any person a good turn of a searing goth chick, must avenge his brother's demise by the football as anyways as exterminate it prior it falls into the mercenary manpower of the baffling hunter.
Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Director : John Mitchell
Country : UK
Language : English
Company : Hollywood
Place of Story : Paris, Monte Carlo, USA more...

Patient 27 (2014)

After accepting provisional activity inside a laboratory Cesar begins to attention eccentric incidents regarding the psychoanalysis of a patient plus the aggregate 27…
Genre : Horror
Director : Alejandro G. Alegre
Country : Mexico
Language : Spanish
Company : Dinamogeno Films
Place of Story : Mexico more...

Case 651 (2014)

Genre : Horror
Director : Tony Hulse
Country : USA
Language : English
Company : Shifted2u
Place of Story : Paris, Monte Carlo, USA more...

Superstición (2014)

Lidia is a 17-year-old kid who aims plus her father far more than money. While he is in dissimilar places on a affair trip…
Genre : Horror
Director : Esteban Calderín
Country : Spain
Language : Spanish
Company : Esteban Calderín Producciones
Place of Story : Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain more...

Elijah (2014)

Joey Mcarson is getting better loves a up-to-date defy by a murderer noted Elijah who breaks out of detention center to target Joey again…
Genre : Horror
Director : Jason Hartung
Country : USA
Language : English
Company : Cheesepuffs
Place of Story : Cloquet, Minnesota, USA more...

Krozon Lake (2014)

Genre : Horror, Thriller
Director : Suraj Kumar Mahangi
Country : India | Netherlands
Language : Dutch
Company : Jagdish Mahangi Productions
Place of Story : Mumbai, India more...

Musta kevät (2014)

"Black Spring" is a account around 17 existence old-time gal contacted Milja who looses her female relative inside a motorcar accident…
Genre : Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director : Elmo Rautio
Country : Finland
Language : Finnish
Company : Asemafilmi
Place of Story : Paris, Monte Carlo, USA more...

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