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Brasil S/A (2014)

Brazilian Dream is fruit of consideration on Brazil today. We Brazilians are old to coming across the realm for peripheral…
Genre : Adventure, News
Director : Marcelo Pedroso
Country : Brazil
Language : None
Company : Símio Filmes
Place of Story : Paris, Monte Carlo, USA more...

I'll Wait (2014)

A infantile grown person contemplates his existence subsequent to a landed wide awake at also flow accident, also his mate miracles whatever has falled to her devoted husband, also the existence they pass through instituted together.
Genre : Drama, News, Thriller
Director : Justin Copeland
Country : USA
Language : English
Company : Hollywood
Place of Story : Paris, Monte Carlo, USA more...

Sueñan los androides (2014)

It is the each year 2052, on Earth, inside Spain, plus the closing years of approximately everything. The city is a cycle of lonely construction sites…
Genre : News, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director : Ion De Sosa
Country : Germany | Spain
Language : Spanish
Company : Ion de Sosa Filmproduktion
Place of Story : Benidorm, Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain more...

Da gong lao ban (2014)

Workers function since boss, supervisor operates since the multi-nationals
Genre : Drama, News
Director : Wei Zhang
Country : China
Language : Mandarin
Company : Shenzhen Huahao Cultural Media
Place of Story : Paris, Monte Carlo, USA more...

Revenge on a Ghost: A Soldier's Story (2014)

Revenge on a Ghost is a dogmatic anxiety thriller that follows an Iraq size up along with his established writer lady since they go again to Washington, DC to grapple also a stalker along with PTSD.
Genre : Drama, News, Thriller
Director : Thomas Adjani
Country : USA
Language : English
Company : Hollywood
Place of Story : Paris, Monte Carlo, USA more...

Sportsman: Trophy (2014)

Genre : News, Sport
Director : Sascha Hughes-Caley
Country : USA
Language : English
Run Time : 110min

Whistleblowers: The Untold Stories (2013)

Incredible specific stories of America`s unsung heroes, without whom more cases of corruption, sludge as in any case as government corrrode can by no means engagement uncovered. Hear implausible tales of bravery, integrity as in any case as retaliation that followed. Covering the entire thing forums loves the billion dollar pharmaceutical trade, centralized security, AMA, FDA, SEC, every area of society, government, the affair world, EEOC, MSPB, Federal Circuit, Federal criminal, civil, DOJ as in any more...

The Bob & Angus Show (2013)

News livestock Angus with Bob chatter with observation to board games, geek way of life with ovine continuation approach inside this internet installments by Mayfair Games.
Genre : Comedy, News
Director : Director not found
Cast : Stacey Gordon as Claire O`Brien, Drew Kallen as Angus McPeters, Dean Steeves as Bob MacWordell
Country : USA
Language : English
Company : Hollywood
Filming Locations : more...

Five Pillars (2013)

Shattered by the meet conscious with of battle ex-soldier Darren finds himself be of peculiarity to inside England along with disenfranchised by a neighborhood besieged to appraise an identity. His supporter Paul has moved somewhere else to university jiffy his varied colleague Gary has united the extremist styles of the secluded honest National Defence League. Even Paul`s adolescent brother, Billy, is a transformed personality cherish the tender boy Darren old to know, single who is at this time more...

A Fighting Season (2013)

On the verge of collapse of the 2007 U.S. troop surge, two Army Recruiters countenance the formidable pressures of recruitment bit their own deployment is on the line. Sgt. Harris (Lew Temple) has been stationed inside the taking place of work extensive plenty given that it to believe resembling home. On the abundant bordering of the world, a roadside bomb rips done a Humvee, as anyways as behind getting better savours the attack, Sgt. Mason (Clayne Crawford) gets reassigned as anyways as winds more...

The Principle (2012)

New astrophysical chronicle of wonderful nobility has emerged. Human development is on the limit of a multipart variation inside perception, philosophy, science in addition to metaphysics that is competently unheard of inside recorded history. THE PRINCIPLE is Chapter Two inside the drama of head versus topic that started excess of a century ago plus the frenetic unfoldings of quantum physics. The Universe hasn`t made ready speaking. An Event Movie of epic portion for the purpose that 2013.
New more...

Sun Flower: Himawari (2012)

150 life behind the Great East Japan Earthquake, inside the unreal town of Izu. Akemi, a damsel bask in the Tohoku region, incessantly carries as well as her a sunflower, severely agreeing with inside its capacity to appreciate radioactivity. She has evacuated here to live with labor at a long-established onsen ryokan (hot rebound inn), organized by her grandmother. Although faced as well as the rude realism of lessening tourism inside Japan, Akemi with others take their spirits wide awake with more...

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