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Anti-Semitism: A Juggling View (2011)

Director : Kene Lewis
Release : 2011
Genres : Family, History, News
Actors : Kene Lewis as Juggler
Movie Synopsis : A picture falling in an enlightening juggling take a look at of anti-Semitism. The picture was designed to add to announcement concerning anti-Semitism.
Run Time : 5 min
Country : USA
Company : more...

Seven Africans (2011)

Director : Tes Noah Asfaw
Release : 2011
Genres : Drama, News
Actors : Edmund Dehn as Anthony, Gunter Würger as Hans, Tova Leigh as Alison, Andrew Alston as Interviewer, Matt Warman as Gagan
Movie Synopsis : In the eighteen days as Renewed World was commenced its four founders withstand been made whoopee the globe…
Run Time : 89 min | UK:110 min
Country : UK
Company : Self Help Productions more...

Clash in the College (2011)

Director : No Director Available
Release : 2011
Genres : Drama, News, Romance
Actors : Lynn Mastio Rice as Dr. Selma Hicks, Jerry Pietrala as Professor Harvey, Gabriel Bellotti as James Wagner, Chelsea Roe as Maya, Jill Kitzman as Professor Melanie Parce
Movie Synopsis : Clash inside the College is an enquiry of quarrels that emerge inside the lives of college students as dogmatic ideologies erupt inside their midst…
Run Time : more...

One Shot (2011)

Director : Nick Trivundza
Release : 2011
Genres : Crime, News, Thriller
Actors : Reed Daniels as Jim Jones, Erin Gilley as Rachel Harrison, Cole Panther as Elliot Richard, Lexie Findarle Trivundza as Henchman (as Lexie Findarle), Gordon Hayden as CNA News Reporter, Brian Boone as Senator / Henchman, David Boone as Henchman, Matt Boone as Henchman, JuliAnne Boone as Henchman
Movie Synopsis : Imagine the Green Movement attaining a gun. When the more...

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