A Brand New You (2012)

Thirty-year of age Santiago Morales doesn`t pact anyhow in addition to mess. And zilch may possibly troth messier than the impromptu passing away of his wife. With Viviana gone, the simply road that he might take his vitality orderly is to arrange the conclude of it. So, he moves into a boarding residence in addition to act completed his suicide to-do ilk awaiting all is inside order. Then he kills himself… Or he can withstand with the exception of that his questioning roommate saves his life. When dying doesn`t toil he comes unsleeping in addition to a new idea: he will draw his landlord, a disgraced biologist, to give assistance to him clone Viviana thence that they might troth reunited. But is it conceivable to ensemble in addition to furtherd biology lab derive pleasure home appliances in addition to stuff you obtained off of eBay? And how do you prove to your roommate to troth the change mamma to the the photograph of your deadened wife? Bringing request to Santiago`s vitality may possibly draw messy.
A teen widower strives to encourage his landlord also roommate to work with him clone his frozen wife, also the roommate personality replace mother.
Genre : Comedy, Sci-Fi
Director : Director not found
Cast : Elizabeth Whitmere as The Undertaker, William Christopher Ellis as Nerdy Dude, Dalal Badr as Viviana, Vanessa Burns as Natalie, Edsson Morales as Phil, Barbara de la Fuente as Marny, Freya Ravensbergen as Laura, Toni Ellwand as Real Estate Agent, Clinton Lee Pontes as Murray Wyndham / Victor Soares, Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz as Santiago Morales, Scott McCullouch as Dr. Steven Moritz, Charles Burton as Marny`s Husband
Country : Canada
Language : English | Spanish
Company : Dangerous Dust Productions
Filming Locations :

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