Squid Man (2012)

`I might inject ink out of my fingers. That`s close to it really. Sometimes, inside strain situations, I might inject it out of my toes.` When Squid Man gets downsized out of the Superhero Society, he`s constraint to catastrophe on the couch of his previous sidekick (and hardly friend) Warren. Now he spends his long manner away boozing inside a frozen inclusive bar, reminiscing close to the existence as the hero groupies were plentiful as anyways as however a second-rater adore him might at times excepting the universe. But as a journalist needs to accommodates him inside an upcoming textbook close to superheroes, Squid Man is constraint to countenance the badly lit mysteries of his past… as anyways as the however extra unsettling suggestion that he could essentially pass through a future.
`I could drive ink out of my fingers. That`s around it really. Sometimes, inside difficulty situations, I can…
Genre : Comedy, Sci-Fi
Director : Charlie Cline
Cast : Andrew Roth as Squid Man, Laurel Schroeder as Martha, Eric Bryant as Warren, Chad Eric Smith as Pete, Rick Montgomery Jr. as Lord Paradox, Emily Brooks as Young Woman in Park, Nick LaMantia as Fang Boy, David Santiago as Temp Agency Interviewer, Robyne Parrish as Tammy, Robert R. Bell as Police Officer #1 (as Robert Bell), Dave Petti as Doctor, Natalia Dove as Plasma Girl, Charlie Cline as Commercial Director, J.J. Williams as Marvin the Temp, Gino DiNardo as Male Co-Worker #2, Jay Smith as HR Man, Ben Kepner as Dynamo Boy, Susan Cirrincione as TV Reporter, Ethan Pascoe as Captain Quasar, Michael Shahen as The Manhandler, Abby Young as Young Martha, Matt Lamb as Andrew, Paul Adamo as Commercial Villain, Andrew Zibritosky as `Stole My Bicycle` Guy, Angelo Quaranta as Herb Wasserman, Brittany Moreland as Police Officer #2, John Facemire as Comic Book Fan, William Sewak Jr. as Brain Man, Brian Levine as Male Co-Worker #1, Eric Chevlen as Dr. Geralds, Gary Farrar as Patriotic Superhero, David Minniefield as Magnifico, Amanda Luppe as Commerical Makeup Artist, Slavinsky Jaime as Pam, Rebecca Tareshawty as Female Co-Worker, Nate Newell as Alien
Country : USA
Language : English
Company : Storynaut Productions
Filming Locations :

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