Eureka (1983)

Director : Nicolas Roeg
Release : 1983
Genres : Drama, Thriller
Actors : Gene Hackman as Jack McCann, Theresa Russell as Tracy, Rutger Hauer as Claude Maillot Van Horn, Jane Lapotaire as Helen McCann, Mickey Rourke as Aurelio D`Amato, Ed Lauter as Charles Perkins, Joe Pesci as Mayakofsky, Helena Kallianiotes as Frieda, Cavan Kendall as Pierre de Valois, Corin Redgrave as Worsley, Joe Spinell as Pete, Frank Pesce as Stefano, Michael Scott Addis as Joe, Norman Beaton as Byron Judson, Emrys James as Judge, James Faulkner as Roger, Ann Thornton as Jane, Emma Relph as Mary, John Vine as Julian, Tim Van Rellim as Police Chief, Ellis Dale as Jury Foreman, Mico Blanco Group as Tonnelle Dancers, Aklowa Master Drummers as Accompanied by, Lloyd Berry as Olaf, Tom Heaton as Man Blowing off Head, Timothy Scott as Webb, Geri Dewson as Whore, Annie Kidder as Rita, Ian Tracey as Joey, Brad Sakiyama as Phil, Sandra Friesen as Mother, Raimund Stamm as Patron, Suzette Collins as Esther, Tommy Lane as Miami Chauffeur
Movie Synopsis : Arctic prospector Jack McCann, subsequent to fifteen life of lone searching, becomes one in all the world`s…
Run Time : 130 min
Country : UK | USA
Company : JF Productions

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