The Dahl Dynasty (2012)

The Dahl Dynasty is a present re-telling of William Shakespeare`s classic tragedy, Hamlet. This quality facet motion picture revolves near to Hamilton Dahl IV, the debate heir to the Dahl family, with his enquiry given that justice following the carefully-crafted murder of his father with namesake by his treacherous uncle, Claude.
The Dahl Dynasty tells the fairy-tale of the Hamilton Dahl IV behind the untimely kicking of the bucket of his father, Hamilton Dahl III. The small Hamilton is constraint to come back conjugal to Dallas imminent the information of his father`s death, which the classification believes resulted fancy the damaging bite of a black widow. The middle of the night of the funeral, Hamilton is came over by the ghost of his father, who informs him that moment a spider`s venom was the give birth to of his death, it was distributed by Claude, his uncle, prepared a syringe also not the spider itself. The ghost urges Hamilton to hunt settling of scores opposed to his uncle also he agrees. After turning in his initial oath to his father, Hamilton finds himself inquisitive his passage of comprtment also promoting in diverse places the persons bordering to him, notably his long-time girlfriend, Olivia Alderliesten. Claude becomes suspicious of Hamilton also struggles to comprehend whether his nephew`s fiddly actions are the effect of unhappiness or something darker by inviting two of his friends, Ross Krantz also Giles Stern, to go for holiday at the estate. While he is at the start smiling to notice his friends fancy college, Hamilton grasps that Clause suffered a hand inside their go for holiday at also at once channel each other in diverse places sooner than they may well relay any data to his uncle. Tensions nearing between the two Dahl people at large because Hamilton lastly decides to seize comprtment also Claude continues to direct the persons as particulars to him, resulting inside a damaging middle of the night that modifies the lives of the Dahl classification also their liked ones forever.
When Hamilton Dahl IV learns that his father was killed by his uncle, he must expound whether to obtain deeds as anyways as explore justice on his own terms. A current re-imagining of William Shakespeare`s Hamlet.
Genre : Drama
Director : Bryan Quinn
Cast : Jon Christie as Hamilton Dahl IV, Tim Newkirk as Claude Dahl, Olivia Stem as Olivia Alderliesten, Kara Rainer as Trudy Dahl, Tylor West as Hugh Van Horn, Kurt Stallings as Ghost of Hamilton Dahl III, Lloyd Guerrero as Giles Stern, Travis Jon Rodriguez as Ross Krantz, Lane Cawthon as Marc, Zach Touchon as Lawrence Alderliesten, Steven Jeffers as Board Member #1, Dominica McCarthy as Board Member #2, Thomas H. Kelly II as Ghost of King Hamlet, Jimmy Sparks as Hamlet, Bryan Quinn as Detective Brendan Fortinbras, Linda King as Police Officer, Kristen Reed as Bartender, Laurie Kail as Dr. Williams, Tonya Ewalt as Bernice, Nicole Roman as Waitress, Rachel Dee as Bar Girl #1, Anne Defilippo as Bar Girl #2, Kevin A. Green as Bar Goer #16, Steve Jimenez as Bar Goer #15, Titania Inae as Bar Goer #10, Mitchell Jones as Bar Goer #4, Sandy Cun as Bar Goer #6, Ken Gallego as Funeral Director, Meredith Mote as Funeral Guest #3, Daphne Green as Bar Goer #12, Jana Miller as Bar Goer #8, Anna Calloway as Administrative Assistant, Holly Haynes as Bar Goer #2, Debora Clark as Funeral Guest #6, Dianna Pietra as Bar Goer #1, Kelli Anne Moore as Paparazzo #2, Brandy Smith as Bar Goer #13, Autumn Cannon as Bar Goer #9, Michael Garza as Bar Goer #5, Jeff Long as Paparazzo #1, Brenda Viviana Macias as Limo Driver, Tim Smith as Funeral Guest #1, Maria Romero as Bar Goer #3, Xin Xin Feng as Bar Goer #7, Valerie Long as Funeral Guest #2, Sawyer Mote as Funeral Guest #5, Dakotah Mote as Funeral Guest #4, Tavone C. Randal III as Bar Goer #11, Jay Reyna as Bar Goer #14
Country : USA
Language : English
Company : SEQ Investments
Filming Locations : Dallas, Texas, USA

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