Recalled (2011)

Director : Michael Connors
Release : 2011
Genres : Thriller
Actors : Aidan Quinn as Lieutenant Colonel Owens, Seth Gabel as Lieutenant Danny Sefton, Reshma Shetty as Leela, Bow Wow as Specialist Chris Reyes, Malik Yoba as Staff Sergeant Hart, Pablo Schreiber as Lieutenant Alec Chambers, Zachary Booth as Carroll, Dominic Fumusa as Captain Angelo, Gavin-Keith Umeh as Gonzo, Jason Lew as Kraft, Stanislav Shkilnyi as Soldier #3, Corey Antonio Hawkins as Willie, Laith Nakli as First Sergeant Wells, Michael Gucciardo as Sgt Longo, Joey Giambattista as Soldier #4, Rey Lucas as Barracks MP Sergeant, Alexander Martin Jones as Barracks MP, Brian Smolensky as MP Sergeant Wilkins, Fady Kerko as Soldier #1, Christopher L. McAllister as Disheveled Sergeant, David Leviev as Sergeant Janczych, Gregg Prosser as Radio Sergeant, Mike Finazzo as Cook #1, Russell Soder as Private, Ed Sordellini as Sergeant First Class Sordellini, Kristen Bartlett as Stockbroker #2, Michael O`Neill as Cook #2, Kareem Hamdy as Private First Class Ryan, Trever Sutherland as Soldier #2, Jason Gore as Stockbroker #1
Movie Synopsis : After human being let a questionable ship that will carry him stateside because his National Guard holder deploys for the purpose that Iraq…
Run Time : 90/95minute.
Country : USA
Company : D Films

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