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Two Hearts as One (2014)

A gander indoors the chronicle of two newlyweds who are parted savours self also fritter away the after half-century of their lives aiming to reunite.
Genre : Drama, History
Director : Hasan Kiraç
Country : Turkey
Language : German | Russian | Turkish | Turkish
Company : Ser Film
Place of Story : Bulgaria more...

Boiling Pot (2014)

On a college campus inside existing America, plan that experience lengthy been off track for "issues of the past" emerge for racial tensions as anyhow as frictions grow between varying student groups.
Genre : Crime, Drama, History
Director : Omar Ashmawey
Country : USA
Language : English
Company : Ashmawey Films
Place of Story : Orange County, California, USA more...

The Private Life of Henry VIII. 3D (2015)

The show focuses on the reign of Henry VIII, King of England, as at any rate as his a lot of marriages.
Genre : Biography, Comedy, History
Director : No Director Available
Country : UK | Hungary
Language : English
Company : Romis Film
Place of Story : Paris, Monte Carlo, USA more...

Sarvagna Mattomme Hutti Baa (2014)

Genre : History
Director : Shivkumar
Country : India
Language : Kannada
Company : Mathru Bhoomi Creations
Place of Story : Paris, Monte Carlo, USA more...

Maria Graham: Diary of a Residence in Chile (2014)

A right chronicle of sensation in addition to partisan intrigue inside too soon nineteenth century Chile, according to the reminiscences of the unafraid trip writer, Maria Graham.
Genre : Biography, Drama, History
Director : Valeria Sarmiento
Country : Chile | UK
Language : English
Company : Hollywood
Place of Story : Paris, Monte Carlo, USA more...

Assassination (2015)

Genre : Drama, History, Thriller
Director : Dong-Hoon Choi
Country : South Korea
Language : Korean
Company : Hollywood
Place of Story : Paris, Monte Carlo, USA more...

Royal Shakespeare Company: Henry IV Part II (2014)

Gregory Doran influences Shakespeare's epic couple of plays and a sort coupled with Antony Sher since Sir John Falstaff, Jasper Britton since King Henry plus Alex Hassell since Prince Hal.
Genre : Comedy, Drama, History
Director : Gregory Doran
Country : UK
Language : English
Company : Royal Shakespeare Company
Place of Story : Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England, UK more...

O Outro Lado do Paraíso (2014)

Nando, a 12 every year older boy, narrates the adventures of his father Antonio, throughout the 60s inside Brazil, who foliage the inland of the claim of Minas to set out to Brasília, a lately inaugurated city, excluding additionally and construction functions inside progress.
Genre : Drama, History
Director : Andre Ristum
Country : Brazil
Language : Portuguese
Company : Geração Entretenimento
Place of Story : more...

Once My Mother (2014)

Genre : Family, History, War
Director : Sophia Turkiewicz
Country : Australia, Poland, Ukraine
Actors : Zofia Wichlacz, Karolina Porcari, Wenanty Nosul
Story : When Australian filmmaker Sophia Turkiewicz was seven years old, her Polish mother, Helen, abandoned her in an Adelaide orphanage. Sophia never forgot this maternal act of betrayal. Now in middle age, as Sophia examines her troubled relationship with Helen, she discovers the story more...

Rama Madhav (2014)

Genre : Drama, History
Director : Mrinal Kulkarni
Country : India
Language : Marathi
Company : Shivam Jemin Films
Place of Story : Paris, Monte Carlo, USA more...

Von jetzt an kein Zurück (2014)

Germany, 1967. Ruby & Martin, a little couple, are relating their uprising. The charges is high: isolation relishes school, parental violence, with in the end institutionalization. But they are equipped to strive against the create of love.
Genre : Drama, Family, History
Director : Christian Frosch
Country : Germany
Language : German
Company : Jost Hering Filmproduktion
Place of Story : Paris, Monte Carlo, USA more...

Patria (2014/I)

The factory is human being close up slurp along with employees are human being fired, the umpteenth inside the Turin area. Jobs are gone…
Genre : Drama, History
Director : Felice Farina
Country : Italy
Language : Italian
Company : Nina Film
Place of Story : Torino, Piemonte, Italy more...

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